J. Marte massage 

Get a piece of art after you get your peace of mind


Updated 11/24/2019

Please, read EVERYTHING on this page before scheduling !!!

I am currently booking out for 1-2 months. Please schedule well in advance before dates and times become unavailable. Appointy lets you schedule out for 3 months. Please take advantage of that and book ahead that far. It is better to book the appointment now and cancel if needed instead of scrambling to find an open spot.

Check the directions page on how to get to the office since the office building is a maze of suites.  I will not be able to make up for lost time if you are late.

All "deal voucher" users (Groupon, Living Social, etc.)

Not valid with other Offers, Specials or Gift Certificates.
May not combine deals.

Limit 1 per person. You may only use 1 Voucher or deal ever - even if there is another deal/voucher from a different company.
If another is purchased, even if from a different company, you will be asked to pay the difference of the regular priced service on voucher. If you do not wish to pay the difference, please cancel your appointment and get your refund from whichever company you purchased it from or gift it to someone who has not been to our practice.
Expiration date example: If "Ann" has a deal voucher and the expiration date is 01/22/XX, but she wants an appointment for 03/03/XX, "Ann" may schedule that appointment as long as she schedules it before 01/22/XX (the voucher is expired). Penalty charges applicable if appointment is made after expiration.
All massages performed by Jairo Marte, LMBT #13910

Hours of operation

Starting in September 2017, the available days are based on an every other week schedule

Week 1 - Sundays and Wednesdays 10am-7pm
Week 2 - Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10am-7pm

Scheduling rules

Couple's massages not available.

If you are scheduling for multiple people, please do so separately with a different log-in.

Appointy does have a mobile app but I have not used the customer side of it. Please use with the understanding that I cannot help with that. It may be difficult to set an appointment through your browser on your mobile device.  Please use a desktop, laptop or tablet to ensure the process of making an appointment.

Do not smoke or wear excessive scents/aromas before your appointment, this includes body odor.

Use the app below to schedule an appointment.
Scroll all the way down for a tutorial on scheduling, rescheduling and canceling appointments.

Steps to scheduling with Appointy

Step 1) This is the 1st screen you see once you begin. You have the massage options on the left. Click one and hit the Next button on the lower right
Step 2) Now you have the option to choose a time. Pick one of the available BLUE times. Hit Next on the lower right. Remember where that button is because it lets you advance after each choice.

Step 3) Sign-up or log-in time. The 3 options are going through Appointy, Facebook or Google.

Step 4) Time to confirm that you actually want to schedule this appointment after all your hard work in the previous steps. Are you sure you want to book? Hit the Book Now button that replaced the Next button.

Step 5) You're done, unless you need to book another appointment.


Rescheduling and canceling an appointment

Get into the Appointy scheduler. You have to start like you are scheduling an appointment but don't go through all the steps. Immediately after you log-in, there should be an account info menu in the upper right hand corner (where the BIG red arrow in the picture is pointing to). A scroll down menu should pop up and from there you can click the "My appointments" tab (where the little red arrow in the picture points to). Continue to reschedule or cancel the appointment. **Note: the arrows are not in the app**.