J. Marte massage 

Get a piece of art after you get your peace of mind

About Marte Massage

We strive to perfect the fine art of massage.

Jairo Marte. LMBT #13910, since 2014

Wait a minute. How do you say that name? Say "Cairo",  just like the capital of Egypt. Drop the C  and replace it with an H sound.... like "High". Put it together and you should get  "High-row", which is the correct way to say it.

I hope for massage therapy to help others in their pursuit of whatever happy place they wish to be. I can vary techniques depending on what your muscles need. There is a focus on the therapeutic benefit to the muscles with my massage style. Think of me as your muscle mechanic. 

Everyone asks me what got me into massage therapy. The simple answer is that I love to help people. I was a medical assistant at a local urgent care facility for 14 years. The things I learned there have helped me to continue to help achy, tired, knotted and stressed out muscles. If you need to release stress or have aches and pains, I'm the massage therapist you need to see.

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art - Leonardo Da Vinci

A few things

It really doesn’t matter that you haven’t shaved.

Seriously. I don’t even notice, up until you mention it.

Your body is beautiful, too.

I treat hundreds of patients. That means seeing, and touching, their naked bodies. Guess what? They are all different. Out of all of them, not even one looks like what you see, airbrushed in the media (male or female).

It breaks my heart a little bit when I see clients that are insecure about their bodies, because of the pressure in media. It’s not often the media shows the stretch marks, scars, deformities, moles, dry skin or cellulite - that I so often see on…everyone.

There is only one condition your body should be in: healthy. My role is to provide therapeutic massage not keep a freckle count.

Don’t call us “masseuses.”

We are Massage Therapists. With training, education then certification, experience and legal responsibilities. The word masseuse is…ugh. It’s associated with under-the-table, sketchy, “happy ending” type massage. And that is not what we do. MT’s provide well thought out, research based treatment plans to assist our patients return-to or maintenance-of health. 

Don’t be shy about your butt.

It’s three large muscles that people unknowingly abuse. It’s not a booty or ass and I don’t see it as fat, tiny, jiggly or bony; They are the gluteal muscles. I do all gluteal work over the draping with my elbow. Glute work is important if you experience lower back, hip, leg or gluteal aches.

…But, please, don’t undrape yourself.

I only undrape the area being treated at that time, then redrape fully, before undraping any other areas. Please keep yourself covered. And no, I'm not interested in seeing your bits and pieces.

Bodily functions are normal. 

Most massage therapy treatments have some component of relaxation. Your parasympathetic nervous system starts to shine, meaning the rest-and-digest functions are in gear. And yes, that means stomach grumbling and growling, snoring, even passing gas are normal. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, that’s a good sign you are relaxed. I won't judge you, it lets me know I'm doing something right.